1. Everything Comes to an End Because Everything Comes to an End

    Even though Safety Third is officially over I will joining Adam Robinson (Publishing Genius), Gina Myers (Lame House Press), Bruce Covey (Coconut Press) on a panel about small presses on Saturday, August 30 at 10am at The Decatur Book Festival. The panel is moderated by the always wonderful Amy McDaniel (421 Atlanta).

  2. Sure Safety Third is still on a publishing hiatus, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get behind mighty, fighting words.
    High Res

    Sure Safety Third is still on a publishing hiatus, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get behind mighty, fighting words.

  3. A Vacation Is In Order

    This past year was the busiest this little press has ever had since its beginnings some four years ago.

    Went through two pressings of John Carroll’s Slow Burn.

    Had the first ever Safety Third reading tour and accompanying tour chapbook.

    Published and quickly sold out of 48 Pornos by Tyler Gobble and All Glitter, Everything by Laura Relyea.

    With all that hustle comes the need for a sabbatical, at least in terms of chapbooks.

    Safety Third still has plans to host and aid with readings in Atlanta. The releases, launches, and parties have been too great and too fun to stop.

  4. A Reading in a Plane Hangar

    Have you read poems by Daniel Beauregard?

    You should. Like these

    Daniel Beauregard’s debut chapbook, Before You Were Born, is coming out on 421 Atlanta

    Safety Third is helping throw his collection a birthday party. It’s at an old plane hangar

    After the words we will all continue the party. You should come. 

  5. ALL GLITTER, EVERYTHING Reviewed by The Small Press Review

    Thanks to Christy Crutchfield for the wonderful words.

    And we come to realize that these Ke$hi stand in for many women in the speaker’s life, that what begins as a fun exercise becomes a story of development, support, and survival, a story more about the speaker than the pop star.”

    Safety Third makes beautiful books, and not only have they sprinkled this cover with red glitter, but there is a kind of embedded glitter in each page.” [We just try to make the chapbook match the words]

    Read the review here

  6. Midwestern Gothic Interviews Laura Relyea

    "Ke$ha’s persona is just that – a persona, a facade. I highly doubt she’s ever actually brushed her teeth with Jack Daniels. Initially it felt like I just picked her at random, in lieu of using the actual names of the women who the stories were about. The more I dug in the more I realized that Ke$ha herself was necessary. Her public image embodies a lot of things that scared me about womanhood. The narrator’s own fear and curiosity of that persona kind of drive the plot along. " - Laura Relyea

    Read the interview.

    Buy All Glitter, Everything.

  7. Tom & Tyler

    Here is Tom Cheshire. He is sitting at the Anchorman desk.

    Read a new poem by Tom over at Chimes|SIREN.

    His chapbook can still be bought.

    Here is Tyler Gobble. He is reading something great (it has to be).


    DecomP Magazine just wrote great things about his chapbook 48 Pornos.

    His chapbook is sold out.

  8. All Glitter, Everything is Out

    Laura Relyea’s All Glitter, Everything chapbook is officially out!

    You can purchase it here. Only 130 were made, and once they are sold out they are past tense. 

    Laura was recently interviewed by the wonderful, and goddamn fury of a writer, Scott Daughtridge over at Burnaway

    Laura explains why the use of Ke$ha as a centerpiece:

    "It’s funny, people have been asking me, ‘Why not Madonna? Why not someone more famous?’ First, I had been coming to terms with the fact that I was a Ke$ha fan for quite some time at that point. I actually like her music! She kind of symbolizes and encapsulates everything that terrifies me about womanhood. She’s this chaotic and intelligent mess; she’s totally unrepentant and kind of carnivorous and uncompromising. In some respects, very much the opposite of me. When I first starting writing these I was very threatened by other women and insecure in my own womanhood. I wasn’t just afraid of the word bitch, I was afraid of the word sexy, the word woman, in [regard to] myself and applying them to other women.

    This gave me an opportunity to own that shit.”

  9. Slow Burn For Free, On Your Computer, On Your Mobile Device

    John Carroll’s Slow Burn has been sold out for a few months now, even more months when counting the first pressing.

    John has posted the entire chapbook online

    No more fear of paper cuts.

    Read with the glow of a screen you prefer. 

  10. 48 Pornos Read in a Bathroom

    Courtesy of Digital Rooster, Tyler Gobble reads selections from 48 Pornos and a Jennifer L. Knox poem. There is a bathroom buffalo behind him.

    48 Pornos is sold out, but the word is there is one (maybe two) copies left at McNally Jackson Books in Manhattan.