1. All Glitter, Everything by Laura Relyea

    Safety Third Enterprises is absolutely delighted (elated? why yes) to announce that October 24th will be the release of All Glitter, Everything by Laura Relyea.

    Glitter is a verb. A noun. A feeling. Glitter is messy. Glitter is fun. Glitter is everything. 

    Ke$ha is every woman. Every friend. She is a verb. She is a noun. She is a feeling. Ke$ha is messy. Ke$ha is fun. Ke$ha is sorry (but Ke$ha is never sorry.)

    All Glitter, Everything is a collection of tributes. Here’s to Ke$ha. Here’s to every woman champion. Here’s to every piece of earth. Here’s to every bottle of champagne. Here’s to crowns of flowers. Here’s to sugar. Here’s to glitter. Here’s to everything.

    Laura Relyea is a writer in Atlanta, GA and the Editor of Vouched Books.  She has reviewed books for PASTECreative Loafing, Fanzine, PURGE Atlanta, and elsewhere. She is also the Whipcracker and Momentum Chief of The Inman Park Squirrel Census, a venture that was named one of Kickstarter’s Best of 2012. Her fiction and poetry has been published by NAP, Stoked, and Coconut. 

    For a preview please look to Coconut